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Our online company stores are the most advanced in the industry. Period.


Simplify Your Ordering Process.

The online store allows each user to order their promotional products from one single location. They can view order history at any time, and easily track any existing order along its progress.


Save on costs.

By using a Cutting Edge Promotions online company store, you receive preferred pricing, therefore saving you on your bottom line.


Control your brand.

You select the products that your employees can purchase, therefore keeping your brand consistent with your company image. We can add products to your store at any time, which is ideal for special company events or for the holiday season.


Manage your inventory.

If you choose to order in bulk and have Cutting Edge Promotions warehouse your merchandise, you can view real-time inventory counts at any time.


Offer flexible payment methods.

Whether you would like your employees to purchase using programmed budgets, P-card, credit card, or Net 30 terms, or a combination, we can configure the site to your specifications.


Access spending reports.

The admin(s) will have a special login to view expense reports per user, location, date, quarter, or year. You can view the breakdown of any order and any user at any time.


Customize each user’s experience.

With our advanced technology, we can program each user to view different products, different categories, or require different payment methods. We can even require manager’s approval for an order to be processed.





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