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Johnson & Johnson

The company wanted to become more "Green" and switch from styrofoam and paper cups in their offices to something more environmentally friendly. They also wanted to cut down on their costs. 



When Xfinity sponsored a Nascar event, they needed tshirts to distribute to attendees. However they wanted something unique, that wasn't your typical throw-away tshirt.


University of Miami

The Alumni Association wanted to increase the amount of students that signed up for their mailing list post-graduation. They found that students no longer used their college email address after graduation and the school could no longer contact them to solicit donations, inform them of alumni events, etc.


United Airlines

United Airlines' Employee Retention department wanted to increase employee morale and productivity among their staff. They needed a program that would maintain the interest of employees.



AAA wanted to give out something to the members of their company softball team to go along with the team uniforms. They wanted something that was fun, unique and also useful.  




When Aetna sent out their sales reps to visit customers, they wanted the reps to give out a branded giveaway that the customers would keep and view on a daily basis.



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